Doctor Maher's were winners of "Best Beauty and Skincare product" at the Natural Health Expo 2016 held recently at the RDS Dublin. Photographed at the Awards were (L to R) Dr Neil Maher (Doctor Maher's) Julie Owens (IAHS Judge) and Seamus Lynch (Doctor Maher's)


Why we do what we do:

"Since the first week in February my life has changed thanks to Doctor Maher's. From my early teens I was plagued with Psoriasis, covering my Face, Back, Scalp & of course my elbows with the typical unsightly plague which was Red, constantly flaking, and at times painful. As you can imagine it caused me a lot of anxiety in my life every day.

Over the years I tried everything to treat these breakouts from Steroid Creams, Cosmetic Creams, moisturising soap, basically every lotion & potion I could find on the market but to no avail.

At Christmas 2015, I experienced my worst breakout ever, which resulted in my whole body being affected & it was itchy, bleeding & my face was weeping, to the point that makeup wouldn’t even stay on. I felt hopeless & with my wedding looming late 2016 I was at my wits end.

In February 2016 by chance I came upon Doctor Mahers. I used the Vitalize Cleansing Bar on my face, the Eutopia Body Wash on my body and finally the Liberty Corrective Serum on All the affected areas. For the first time ever I could see a dramatic improvement almost immediately. After only 2 weeks I could wear make-up again. After only a month I knew this was a product unlike anything I had tried previously. After 3 months my skin was nearly normal with only a couple of minor patches and now 5 months later my skin is the best it has ever been."

I couldn’t recommend Doctor Mahers enough. I hope more people find this Amazing product and finally get some relief to their Psoriasis."

Ciara, County Kerry

With the benefit of 30 years experience, rigorous research has been taken by Biochemist, Dr. Neil Maher into sourcing the finest, safest natural ingredients available for his body care products. Great care has been taken to use only hypoallergenic ingredients that are known for their exceptional skin benefits.

All of Doctor Maher's products are 100% natural, made with highly nourishing, edible ingredients, each in effective amounts. We hope that you enjoy the benefits which we passionately strive to perfect in our natural body care range.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Doctor Maher's products commits 5% of its profits to both community and charitable based organisations where our products are sold.

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