Benefits of Cornflower Flower

Botanical Name: Centaurea cyanus

Cornflower Flower

Flower of this plant are primarily used for its soothing and astringent effects on the skin, these flowers have a soothing effect on inflamed and/or irritated skin.

Cornflower Flower

Benefits: This once common herb has a number of activities attributed to it when used in herbal medicine, such as anti bacterial activity, is an antiseptic, has been used to treat eczema and other dermatoses, yeast and fungal infections. ​As an astringent it helps to contract and tighten the skin and also helps to enhance the appearance of dry and damaged skin, which results in a reduction of flaking and helps restore the skins natural suppleness.

Composition: More to follow.

Cornflower Flower 3

Additional Information: This herb is considered a safe and edible herb.


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