Benefits of Blueberry Seed Oil

Botanical Name: Vaccinium myrtillus

Blueberry Seed Oil

One of nature’s most potent antioxidant berries, this is a perfect oil for skin rejuvenation and damaged skin products, because of the powerful antioxidants and high levels of alpha linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid this oil contains.

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Blueberry Seed Oil

Benefits: This versatile oil goes on light and absorbs quickly into the skin with no greasy after feel or residual oiliness. ​A perfect oil for skin rejuvenation and damaged skin products. It has a fatty acid content very close to Rosehip Oil. Excellent for use on sensitive and oily skin, skin with large pores as well as all kinds of skin infections, such as acne, pimples and boils. Also useful in promoting repair of damaged skin tissue caused by scalds and burns as well as reducing fine lines. It gives elasticity to the skin and helps slow down the visible signs of skin aging. ​Blueberry Seed Oil is rich in a natural range of vitamin E isomers, of which tocotrienols and gamma tocopherol have been recently shown to be antioxidants especially important for the skin. A balanced supply of different vitamin E isomers to the body is important for human health.

Blueberry Seed Oil

Composition: A ideal product should contain an array of powerful antioxidants that act synergistically together such as, tocopherols and tocotrienols (Vitamin E’s), as nature intended. Recent studies have revealed the unique functions of different forms of these vitamin E isomers.

Additional Information: The blueberry is a common shrub that produces fragile though wonderful light green oil.


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