Benefits of Babassu Oil

Botanical Name: Orbignya oleifera

Babassu Oil

A powerful skin barrier repair agent and intense natural moisturizer. As an excellent emollient it helps the skin to retain water by creating a protective film, ideal for dry or oily skin conditions, inflamed or itchy skin complaints.

Extraction Method: Virgin and Cold Pressed

Benefits: Bagasse Oil is a superb emollient, a great moisturizer claimed to be beneficial for both dry and oily skin, it gently moisturizes without contributing to an oily sheen, this excellent emollient, when applied to the skin, produces a cooling effect and has been shown to form a protective coat with a velvety feel, therefore, is ideal for highly moisturizing skin products. ​Babassu Oil has been prized in South America for its great moisturizing quality and beneficial effect on the skin. A great coconut substitute, because of it emolliency, often to treat dry, itchy and inflamed skin.

Cautions: None Known.

Composition: Babassu Oil contains a high content of lauric and myristic acids, which have melting points relatively close to the body temperature, with good absorption into the skin.

Additional Information: The babassu tree is native to the coastal areas of North Eastern Brazil and grows wild in other regions of South America, this indigenous plant is known as the South American “Tree of Life”. And possesses a rich creamy aroma and is cream yellow coloured. ​The name babassu comes from the Tupis (an Amazonian tribe), whereas its genus name “Orbignya” comes from the French paleontologist A.D. d’Orbigny who first discovered this tree in the early 1800’s while on expedition to South Amer.

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